Terms and conditions according to the rules and regulations of the WDSF and the FCI.

General conditions of participation
  • The participants can register individually.
  • The participant shall represent the country of which he or she is a citizen. If a participant should have a double citizenship, this participant may decide which country to.
  • The participant shall be a member of an organization connected with the FCI and provide valid membership. Each participant must prove membership in a WDSF member club.
  • Only dogs are allowed to compete which are registered in the studbooks or the appendix to the studbooks of an FCI member organization or contract partner as well as those registered with the studbooks or appendix to the studbooks of a non FCI member organization with which the FCI has entered into a cooperation agreement of mutual recognition of studbooks (AKC, KC, CKC).
  • On the day of the World Championship, the dog must be registered in the studbook of the country, which is represented by the participants.
  • The teams are national teams. The team membership is determined by the nationality of the respective athlete.
  • Competitors are not allowed to compete in more than one discipline with the same dog at the WDSF World Championship.
  • The desired examination level must have been successfully completed at least once before participation in the World Championship.
  • (FCI) Surgically castrated males and females are admitted, if a veterinary certificate proving the original integrity.


For the World Champion IGP a wildcard for participation in the FCI IGP World Championship will be applied for at the FCI. If the wild card is granted, the conditions of participation in the FCI World Championship must be observed. These are laid down in the FCI World Championship specifications (

Pure phenotyped dogs from the appendix registers of the stud books are not allowed to participate in the FCI World Championship.

  • Competitors are not allowed to compete in more than one discipline a day with the same dog at the WDSF World Championship.
  • Competitors are allowed to present two dogs in Mondioring.
  • The conditions for the examination stages Mondioring 1 -3 arise from the valid FCI / SMCU rules.

Excerpt from the requirements for participation in mondioring examinations from 01.11.2023:
– Minimum age 18 months
– All dogs must have a recognised, usually national, social test and a vaccination certificate. For German starters the BH/VT is mandatory.

In order to follow the guidelines of the F.C.I., every male dog must have a veterinary certificate in English language, with the name of the veterinarian and his contact details, to confirm that the dog has two normal looking testicles fully descended into the scrotum prior to his first participation in an FCI World Championship. 

If the dog suffers an accident or illness after its first participation in an FCI Mondioring competition and one testicle had to be removed due to injury or illness, a second document (also in English) must be presented confirming that the dog was complete but the testicle(s) had to be removed due to an accident or illness.

  • The WDSF World Champioship is awarded to the winner of the WDSF open class. To be allowed to start in the open class, handler and dog together must be demonstrably classified in grade 2 or 3 in the country for which they compete. There will also be a (separate) competition for participants who qualify for grade 1. The winner of this competition will be “grade 1 winner”.
  • The participant is allowed to compete with maximum two dogs at the World Championship. (The running orders can’t be changed. If a handler with 2 dogs would have consecutive numbers, ten minutes will be given to change dog and
  • The minimum requirement for participation in grade 1 is the national minimum requirement of the country, which is represented by the participant.

Eligibility to participate in participate in obedience classes is defined by the regulations of the dog’s home country and those of the country where the competition takes place. The national rules state which dogs are allowed to compete in obedience trials (Classes 1 & 2 & 3). Eligibility conditions for
competing should be published on the website of the country concerned.

Registration age of the dogs on the day of the test
Class 1 15 months
Class 2 16 months
Class 3 17 months
Assignment to classes FCI Class 1 – 3
After achieving an excellent result in classes 1 and 2, regardless of the country, one may advance to the next higher classes.