Event information

Veterinary control:Friday, May 3rd 2024
Opening ceremony and entry march of the nations:Friday, May 3rd 2024
Training:Friday, May 3rd 2024
Start competition:Saturday, May 4th 2024
Award ceremony::Sunday, May 5th 2024 – about 16:00
Classes:IGP1, IGP2, IGP3

Tracking: Klaus-Jürgen Glüh (DE)
Obedience: Sue Chandraratne (DE)
Protection: Volker Sulimma (DE)

Tracking Supervisor: Rolf Eberhardt (DE)


Jerome Jenkins (DE)

Timo Witters (DE)

Marcel Wissing (DE)

Registration beginning:Tuesday, January 2nd 2024
Registration deadline:Saturday, March 23rd 2024
Entry fee:75 €

The dumbbells were sponsored by Schweikert. The design was created by Manuela Scherer by Hundehütte Grafikservice



The tracking articles were developed and made available to us by proDOGplan.
The articles can be purchased in their store. For participants there is a 10% discount on all leashes and collars.

Tracking area for the WDSF World Championships:

We will be searching in a corn field. The field is currently still black and the plants will be about 5-10 cm tall by the time of the World Championships. We have mixed seed as a reserve tracking area. The corn field currently looks like this:

Update April 2nd. 2024

The farmer will be sowing in about two weeks’ time. So we will probably have only minimally germinated corn plants.

Plans for obedience and protection

Plan for training

Each starter gets 9 min training time. 

IGP 1 & 2 starters who have registered by e-mail will get 5 minutes for obedience with their team and 4 minutes for protection with the helper at the end.


Attention: Tracking is prohibited in the area marked in red. Violations will result in disqualification.
Information for the training grounds will be sent out to the team leaders via email this evening (26.04.2024).

Time Schedule